25 Mar 2021

Against All Odds

Black Mamba bite to the neck AGAINST ALL ODDS… It was just after 8 am; little *Tony’s parents were not home. He had finished his chores […]
24 Mar 2021

TLC When It’s Your Kin Who’s Bitten

“His Uncle is Spared from a Black Mamba Bite” The Luke Commission helps so many people that it’s hard to keep track of who is coming […]
6 Apr 2020

DON’T BE AFRAID of the spitting cobra : The snake whisperer from Eswatini

The rat plague threatens without snakes. But those who are bitten in the African kingdom of Eswatini, formerly Swaziland, must fear for their lives. A woman does not […]
1 Jul 2019

Recognition by the World Health Organisation

1 Jul 2019

Pupil bitten by snake

1 Jul 2019

Tragic story of a maid’s passing